Radio Leeds Live Session

Well we did it and had a great time. David & Lee Durberville made us very welcome on the Radio Leeds Durbervilles Folk & Roots Show on 9th July. Our 3 songs & chat took up around a third of their show. That was very generous of them and much appreciated. 6 photos were taken with the usual, but unintentional, face pulling to the fore. John is “giving it rice”, Phil looks as though he might be asleep, Dave appears to be sucking a lemon & Malcolm looks exasperated with the rest of us. A typical gig then.

As expected, David Durberville (nee Crickmore!) did an excellent job on the sound. A friend commented they were almost moved to tears by our version of Coalhouse Door. She explained the tears were due our moving rendition, not because it wasn’t very good! We’re glad she liked it because we had a blast.

We travelled over to Radio Leeds in the same car – just like old times. The banter and mischief was as sharp as ever. We think some of that spirit comes over in the programme when we were chatting with David & Lee.

The show is available on iplayer for 30 days after the broadcast. If you search the net for “The Durbervilles Folk & Roots Show – BBC”, you can have a listen and a look at the photos. We’ve put together a table of our parts of the show so you can focus on our contributions, but the whole show is well worth listening to. Hope you enjoy it.

Chat Song Chat
15:20-19:16 New Hunting Song (19:16-22:50) 22:50-24:00
42:53-43:27 Bonny Barbry O (43:27-46:45)  
46:45-51:03 Black Diamonds/Coalhouse door (51:03-55:48)  

We’re guests of the Morley Folk Club on 18th July. It would be great if you could get along to see us. The full address is Morley United Services Club, 27, High Street, Morley, LS27 9AL  and the club site explains how to circumnavigate Morley to find the venue. As always, you’re welcome to contact us via the website or via Dave if you want any info – or 07533 338675.

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