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Radio Leeds Live Session

We’re delighted to have been invited by Radio Leeds onto the Durbervilles Folk & Roots Show at 8pm next Sunday – 9th July. The programme will be available on catch up but try to listen to us live if you can. There’ll be interviews and we’ll be performing 3 items live. We’re taking this very seriously and are actually practising this week for it! Fortunately, the host, David Crickmore, is an ace soundman so the music will be accurately produced. All we need to do now is hit the right notes!

We’re still being announced as Hebb Rick but that beats being called Harpic as we were the last time we appeared on Radio Leeds. As a taster, they played Oyster Girl last Sunday but Elvis won’t be in the building this week. Have a listen to see what we decide to perform live.

As well as Radio Leeds, we’re playing locally at Morley Folk Club on 18th July. Come and have a look at us then. We’re still working on new material so there may be some surprises!

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