Gig/Recording Reports

So where did summer 2019 go? We were individually or together at concerts, festivals, clubs, sessions, private parties and on holiday.

The monthly Hogshead sessions have been fun but lately the crowd has got really noisy later in the afternoon. It may have to turn into a tune session around 4pm to save our voices!!

3Bric at Oxjam 12 th October

Jimi, Malcolm & Dave enjoyed doing a 3Bric set at Oxjam in the Hogshead on Saturday 12 th October. We had a loud PA which was just as well as there was a noisy crowd too! We managed to convert some of the crowd into an audience and we encouraged people to put money into the Oxfam “ buckets”. Some people were dancing. All in all a success.

Morley Folk Club 17 th September

The Morley folk club gig on 17 th September was great. It’s one of our favourite bookings. The room was full and all our stuff was enthusiastically received. We successfully tried out 3 new songs and a new set of tunes. Couldn’t get the audience dancing though. Must try harder next time.

Epworth Music Day 22nd June

John couldn’t come along, so the 3 of us – Jimi, Malcom & Dave, went to this outdoor event as 3Bric. We did 2 sets in interesting settings in the town and had listening audiences even though the mix of music by the acts (over 50 of them) was not folk biased. We bumped into old friends, sold our CD and generally enjoyed the craic. Some people might imagine music is about sex and drugs and rock and roll. Our day was about, laughter, tea, cake, pasties and sausage rolls. Oh, the wildness of it all!

Otley Folk Club – 12th June

This was the first gig we’ve done using high quality ambient mikes set up by the club organisers. Our scepticism proved wrong They enhanced our sound and meant the whole room could hear us. As always, we really enjoyed playing together again and perhaps that’s why our sound remains fresh.  The vocal blend is stronger than ever. The night was sparsely attended but that didn’t dampen our or the audience’s spirits.  Support your local folk club and keep music live!

Mansfield Folk Club feature spot – 3rd June

We had the usual daftness driving down and back in one car. It was standing room only at this acoustic gig and we met our old friends Malt Whiskers, Bob Ballard, Netty and Julie. Some of these had hotfooted down from their Scottish holiday just to see us. Our stuff was well received and we really had a ball. This club has such a welcoming feel about it and is well worth visiting if any of you are down that way. The floor singers are good too!

Hogshead 1st Sunday acoustic sessions HX6 2AH Sowerby Bridge.

The April, May and June acoustic sessions were enjoyable with a truly eclectic range of instruments, songs & tunes. Perhaps it’s the offer of a free 1st drink for “performers” which tempts people to come along?

Here’s a link to the Fatea Magazine review of our latest CD…

Hebric – guests at Bacca Pipes Folk Club Keighley. 22nd February 2019

To avoid having too much fun we didn’t all travel together to this local gig. I’m glad we arrived early, though, as we might not have got in 😉. It was a sell-out. A couple had travelled down from Scotland to see us. They met each other at a Hebric gig many years ago. Thank goodness they’d arrived early too ! All the floor singers were excellent so the atmosphere was warm and welcoming when we started our first set. The room itself got so hot that we even had to open a window – in February ! The audience was knowledgeable and in fine voice.  A number of them even knew some of our more obscure stuff. It was a memorable & thoroughly enjoyable evening. Our planned “encore” was hijacked when the organiser asked if we could do a song which wasn’t on the set list. Fortunately we’d rehearsed that one so all was well. There was a lovely comment at the end of the night. “I’m going home happy because your music has released loads of endorphins”. What brilliant words to consider as we made our separate ways home.

Hogshead acoustic session 3rd February in Sowerby Bridge

Once again all four of us were able to get to this afternoon session which Dave runs. It was good fun once more. Loads of players/singers turned up. They provided a very varied “playlist” with many of the items new to us. They also brought many instruments and quaffed a fair amount of ale. Roll on the next one on 3rd March.

Hebric – guests at The Grove Folk Club, Leeds. 11th January.

It’s a bit like Last of The Summer Wine when we travel together. Daftness and completely inappropriate comments abound. We carried on as we’d left off when we did our 2 sets to a packed room. They seemed to enjoy it as much as we did. The organiser was glowing in her comments and we sold a number of our new CD’s. The final 2 copies of the reissued 1st album were also snapped up. A foursome at a table collared us in a friendly way. They looked a bit familiar. They had emigrated to South Africa many years ago but extended their UK visit just to see us again. Wow. They were amongst the CD purchasers. If anyone wants to get hold of a copy look at the Contacts section of the site. 

Hogshead Acoustic Session 6th January in Sowerby Bridge

At the monthly Hogshead Sunday afternoon session  On 6th January 14 musicians brought 27 instruments to the monthly Hogshead session. We all welcomed in the New Year in some style. Hebric even got a chance to do some of the stuff we’ll be doing in Leeds at the Grove Folk Club on Friday 11th January.

The usual 1st Sunday of the month session at The Hogshead in Sowerby Bridge HX6 2AH was a bit special on 4th November. As well as all four Hebrics we had the excellent Bromleys and superb fiddle player Sarah Tym. A lovely afternoon was had by all. Who will be there on 2nd December? Hopefully you!

Topic Floor Spot 15th November 2018
John had to be over in Holland with Kimbers Men – one of his other bands, so Malcolm, Dave and Jimi went to the Topic in Bradford as 3Bric. It was 40 years since we were last booked there. As you may imagine there were some nerves but we didn’t need to worry. Our 25 minute set featured 2 songs each from Jimi and Dave with a set of French tunes from Malcolm.
For some reason Dave decided to play the tunes on banjo for the first time ever. No one noticed! The main guest was the excellent Jack Blackman. A brilliant guitarist with some lovely self-penned songs rooted in blues and/or Americana. He’s well worth watching if you get the chance.

Old Brodleians Concert 12th October 2018
After our summer lay off we had a number of practices to prepare for the Old Brods concert. As a result quite a few new songs and tunes found their way onto the set lists.
The Old Brods venue provided real ale and a very warm and friendly atmosphere. It was a really well received concert. Hebric and The Bromleys had a great time and it showed. Poor John had to work extra hard as a member of both main “acts” but had no complaints.
This was the first time we’d used our new PA so we were fortunate to have Steve Smith at the controls. He engineered our latest CD so the sound on the night was excellent. Mind you, we’re not sure The Bromleys need a PA. Wow what a sound! As has been proved over the years, a family singing together produces a unique and delightful sound.
The Reverend Blind Melon Calvert, aka Dave, made his first (and probably last ever) appearance to open the night with a blues set. Jimi joined him for his 2nd blues song and by the time Dave was singing Jimmy Reed’s Bright Lights Big City, all of Hebric were contributing. Who knows, a blues song
or two might makes the set list every so often? (What, we have to endure blues and a banjo…Jimi)
Jimi proved to one and all that Hebric now have 3 “front” singers. His new songs sounded great and the audience enjoyed singing along to them (says Dave) and Malcolm actually spoke to the audience to introduce his new tunes.
As you can see, Hebric is continuing to develop. It’s not enough for us to do the old stuff. We’ve plenty more to give. If we decide to arrange another concert it will almost certainly be at the Old Brods. With good beer,
lovely atmosphere, a proper stage, friendly staff and free parking what more could we want?

The rest of July and August saw John away at various shanty festivals around Europe with Kimbers Men. Dave, Malc and I played at singarounds at, amongst others, The Hogshead in Sowerby Bridge (1st sunday afternoon), Shepherds Rest also in Sowerby Bridge (2nd Sunday evening), 3 Pigeons in Halifax etc….

Cleckheaton Festival 6th/7th/8th July

Friday night saw us in the Masonic Hall Temple along with Shaun Hutch, Heather Kings and Blackwater. It was a great evening making the most of the fantastic acoustics in the room.

Saturday Breakfast

What was all that about? Just after 9.00am playing for people scoffing full English breakfasts. Jimi’s rumbling tummy added to the harmonies and to be fair it was fun! We even sold some CDs!

Saturday Lunchtime (pre football match!) concert

This one was in the Town Hall and attracted a near full house in this fantastic venue. Joined by Blackwater and Quicksilver, our 45 minutes was warmly received due in no small measure to the excellent sound engineer.

Saturday Evening Singaround

Possibly due to a combination of stifling weather and football, this was poorly attended, but we still had a good time and got to see the amazing Chechelele World Music Choir.

Sunday Afternoon Concert

Hebric were on with Granny’s Attic and Threadneedle. Once again, the PA sound was handled brilliantly and all the artists were well received. This rounded off an excellent weekend for us – now for some sleep!

5th June 2018

Gig at Morley Folk Club

This was a great gig and many thanks to all who attended and sang so well. It’s so nice when friends of yesteryear turn up as if the last 40 years hadn’t actually gone by!

This was my inaugural lead vocal night and I sang “All the Tunes in the World”, a song about closing time in Glasgow pubs. Seemed to go OK, the band haven’t sacked me – yet…

2nd June 2018 – 40s Night Barbecue

What a night! Bill and Sue Ibberson provided music, food and drink for over 150 people as well as camping arrangements for the Re-enactors from the Brighouse 40s weekend. Fantastic effort if you ask me.

We started off with Hebric for 30 minutes, then a local Ukelele band. Then Natasha, an extremely nice lady and 40s songs singer, then the first set from “Beatles For Sale” a Beatles tribute band – obviously. Then we went back on followed by the Beatles second set with another 45 minutes of oldies but goldies! They got everyone dancing and drunken singing. There were a few sore heads the next day, I’ll bet.

10th April – floorspot at Kiveton Park Folk Club

After a break of over 40 years we thought it might be safe to revisit this club. We were right. The welcome couldn’t have been warmer, and the reaction to our 2 mini sets couldn’t have been better. It was a lovely night with excellent floor singers and CD sale. We’re hopeful of a full gig there although it will be well into next year as the club diary is full for 2018”

7th April – researching venues for next Hebric Concert – October 2018.

6th April – Floorspot at Bacca Pipes Folk Club – Keighley

What an amazing & knowledgeable set of floorsingers they have at this small but perfectly formed club. Jenny kindly let us do two sets of 3 and said that “her people would talk to our people” about a gig. We’ll really look forward to that. The harmonies coming back at us from the audience were amazing. Wall of sound met wall of sound.

4th March 2018 – Hogshead session – Sowerby Bridge

All four of us were at the Hoghead session and had a great time. We even sold CD’s. It’s a challenge but a good one to sing to non-folk lovers. We managed to turn some of the crowd into an audience.

15th February 2018 – Beggars Folk Club – Patrington

We had the usual silly moments in the car over to the gig. The traffic was kind to us and we arrived to a warm greeting from Kevin Young – the organiser. It happened to be his wife, Nancy’s birthday so there was extra special food and a very cheeky Happy Birthday song from Kevin. This meant that our second set was pretty late & we left after midnight having had a brilliant night with VERY varied songs from the floorsingers. East Yorkshire decided they didn’t want to let us go so the diversions meant going home via Beverley. We saw home around 2am. Life on the road eh?

January 8th

Gig at Skipton Unplugged – Skipton Folk Club – at The Narrowboat Inn, BD23 1JE. What a great bunch of singers they are, if a little light on numbers on this cold and wet evening. Skipton FC is a lovely welcoming venue with excellent floor singers and we all relaxed and enjoyed the gig.

January 7th 2018

Had a great afternoon session at The Hogshead, Sowerby Bridge, HX6 2AH. Loads of musicians turned up for this ‘first Sunday in the month’ gathering. There are pictures in the gallery and we would warmly recommend this session to all. We’re even converting some of the pub regulars and that takes some doing!

New Year’s Eve Party

Lured by the prospect of warm crumpets, fresh scones & booze “the lads” ventured over to Jimi’s house in Brighouse. I’m not sure Dave would have gone had he realised the crumpets were only of the hot buttered variety! Fortunately no ladies were harmed at the event and the guests had a whale of a time eating and taking in the music. We decided to sing and play some of our back catalogue of songs and tunes. I think we got away with it.

December 29th

There was a near capacity audience in Bailiff Bridge despite the pretty foul weather. Both Hebric and Stuart Douglas were warmly received by the throng and the sound was brilliantly managed by Steve Smith.  The banter was in full flow and was appreciated by the audience who sang along in all the right places if not always with the correct notes?!? We sold a lot of CD’s – the new one “Now That I’m Older” and even a few of the original black album – now remastered in CD format. Although 3 of the 4 members of Hebric were suffering from various types of lurgy they had a great time and hopefully didn’t afflict too many attendees with a bug.

Early December

A few more recording and re-mixing sessions and we have finished the new CD, written all the copy text and agreed on a name – “Now That I’m Older”. We thought it appropriate to us and it’s also the first line of Silver Coin. Everything got sent off to the printers/presses and we eagerly awaited the return of the finished article. Back they came and oops… managed to send the wrong colour settings so this first batch had a rather pyschodelic, bluey purple mixture. We kept 25 and sent the rest back for a second attempt. This time all was good. So if you bought one of the first ones, it could be worth it’s weight in, well, gold or plastic, depending upon your point of view!

October 25th

We all piled into Dave’s car to get to the gig and listened to the first mix of the 8 tracks we’ve recorded for the new CD. This set us up well for an excellent night in Otley. The banter that started in the car continued throughout the gig and the audience seemed to appreciate that. We sold 6 of the old CD’s and even signed an original LP brought along by one of our “fans” from the old days. We’re definitely back in gig mode now and looking forward to our forthcoming recording sessions & gigs. Hopefully the new album will be out in time for Christmas.

October 10th

Having decided to make another CD of our up to date repetoire, we have had a very successful first recording session at John’s house. Brilliant work by Steve Smith of Kimbers Men on the knobs and sliders. We managed to put down 8 songs in 5 hours. It’s amazing how sometimes you think you have a song cracked both in rehearsal and live and then when you record it, realise actually that bits not right and that could do with tweaking. Probably one or two need some work on them. Anyhow, 8 songs x 5/6 takes each = very sore fingertips!! All in the interest of music – oh how we suffer! There are some pictures on the gallery page as well.

October 1st

We had a fun night at Dusty Miller on Sunday. Roger, the organiser, did some amazing  (rather than good!) dancing & we even sold CDs to people in the bar who stopped talking & listened to what we were doing. Result! Next week we’re having a first stab at some recording then it’s Otley folk club on 25th October

September 2nd

All four of us got together again at John’s housewarming party to celebrate his & Janet’s lovely new home. Despite John’s day getting the house ready & preparing food, Malcolm’s full day with the Bradshaw Mummers, Dave’s gig in Stafford & Phil’s silly work day, we did a few songs and tunes to an appreciative “audience”. It was a warm and friendly evening. At our next group gathering we’ll be planning our assaults on music venues and considering new songs and even recording.

Whitby Folk Week – 18/19 August. 

Dave dragged all of us over to Whitby as he’s been a regular there in sessions for the last few years. He seems to live in the Middle Earth pub so we joined a very noisy downstairs session there on the Friday & regretted it on the Saturday morning. Heads & throats have definitely felt better. On the Saturday we joined the excellent upstairs singaround session run by an old friend – Iain Glover. We all sat together so had chances to do 3 consecutive items together as the band. Amazingly the room became quiet and we had a blast. We even sold quite a few CD’s so people obviously liked what we did. Glynn Cavell managed to publish a short clip of us on his Facebook page. 

We’re now planning to get together for a practice or two when the summer mayhem dies down. There’s even talk of doing some recording. All of us have been ridiculously busy with our other activities this month and September is virtually a wipe out as well because of them. 

We had a new “pressing” done of the old CD so if anyone wants a copy let us know via the website or the usual contacts with Dave. They’re still only a fiver (+ postage if needed)

Morley Folk Club – 18th July 2017

My oh My ! What a fantastic night we had at Morley Folk Club on 18th July. The room was nearly full, the atmosphere warm, and the floor singers/poets all on top form. Keith, the organiser, even managed to get our name right by the end of the night! Our 2 sets went down really well courtesy of an excellent sound man (Mark) and we came away very happy.  We also sold 12 of the new batch of remastered CD’s so it was a complete success. We’ll be back there next year.

The power of Facebook, our website and Radio Leeds really showed last night as many friends from the old days turned up. Suffice it to say we were not the only relics in the room! As one of them said, the good old times are back – and so are we!

We’re having a bit of a break now to let John do oodles of gigs with Kimbers Men & The Bromleys, Malcolm to keep the Bradshaw Mummers in order & Phil & Dave to recover! If you see The Blues Root Band advertised, Dave will be doing bass and guitar duties with them.

We’ll keep the website updated with developments. As always you’re welcome to get in touch via the contact form or with Dave. You’re also welcome to buy CD’s or offer us gigs! Hope you all have a brilliant summer!

Radio Leeds Live Session

Well we did it and had a great time. David & Lee Durberville made us very welcome on the Radio Leeds Durbervilles Folk & Roots Show on 9th July. Our 3 songs & chat took up around a third of their show. That was very generous of them and much appreciated. 6 photos were taken with the usual, but unintentional, face pulling to the fore. John is “giving it rice”, Phil looks as though he might be asleep, Dave appears to be sucking a lemon & Malcolm looks exasperated with the rest of us. A typical gig then.

As expected, David Durberville (nee Crickmore!) did an excellent job on the sound. A friend commented they were almost moved to tears by our version of Coalhouse Door. She explained the tears were due to our moving rendition, not because it wasn’t very good! We’re glad she liked it because we had a blast.

We travelled over to Radio Leeds in the same car – just like old times. The banter and mischief was as sharp as ever. We think some of that spirit comes over in the programme when we were chatting with David & Lee.

The show is available on iplayer for 30 days after the broadcast. If you search the net for “The Durbervilles Folk & Roots Show – BBC”, you can have a listen and a look at the photos. We’ve put together a table of our parts of the show so you can focus on our contributions, but the whole show is well worth listening to. Hope you enjoy it.

15:20-19:16New Hunting Song (19:16-22:50)22:50-24:00
42:53-43:27Bonny Barbry O (43:27-46:45)
46:45-51:03Black Diamonds/Coalhouse door (51:03-55:48)

We’re guests of the Morley Folk Club on 18th July. It would be great if you could get along to see us. The full address is Morley United Services Club, 27, High Street, Morley, LS27 9AL  and the club site explains how to circumnavigate Morley to find the venue. As always, you’re welcome to contact us via the website or via Dave if you want any info – or 07533 338675.

Hebric Summer Concert – 9th June 2017

Our summer concert in Brighouse was rather special, made all the better by the multi- instrumental, clogging, body slapping (!?!) and highly entertaining Alice Jones. If you haven’t seen her yet you really should.

The venue, as always – Bailiff Bridge Community Centre – is such a great place and Julia and the staff are the most accommodating people – many thanks for all your help.

We bravely ventured out with half a dozen new songs that we have managed to Hebricise, but the tried and tested older stuff was still there. Someone called out for Elvis but he wasn’t in the building at that point. He finally made an appearance during the last song of the night! (Are we ever going to be able to drop Oyster Girl?) The audience were obviously out for a good time right from the start of the night and there was lots of glorious singing. It’s so nice to see “non-folkies” enjoying the music, and learning the words, so they can sing along. We all had a blast.

It was Dave’s turn to do something stupid – he forgot to plug in his banjo for the first couple of songs. Mind you, a vocal majority suggested it was better that way. Everybody loves a banjo?!? Malcolm & the audience were a bit shocked when Alice put her dancing board in front of the band half way through a tune set and clogged along to Kirks Hornpipe and Hesleyside Ride. Very impressive.

Thanks to everyone who came along – particularly to old friends who have been stalking, sorry following us since the early 70s, to the new “folkies” who we are trying, and it would appear succeeding, to educate into the folk world and to Jane and Steven Lazelle who travelled all the way from East Sussex just to be with us. Amazed at you all!

Finally, to Alice who did two excellent, humorous & varied sets. It was a brilliant night, enhanced by Ben on sound, Hannah on the door & Steve doing techy things with a video camera. Uh oh, I can feel a few Youtube videos coming on. When we get organised we’ll also put some on the website.

We had such a good time that we’ve decided to have a “Bah Humbug” concert, again at Bailiff Bridge, on 29th December. We promise to do NO Christmas stuff. There might even be a “Grumpiest old Git” competition on the night. At least two of the band would be candidates.

Finally, it would be good to see you all at our Morley Folk Club gig on 18th July.

Skipton Folk Club – 8th May Floor Spot

(Full booking confirmed for 8th January 2018)

Pictures courtesy of Jim Ellison (Tykes News) are now on the gallery page.

This was a very special night. The room was really full and somehow the MC – Julian Hide, managed to fit in 16 performers. We’ve known Julian for many years and are happy to call him an old friend. After his “leaving their sarcophagi to be with us tonight!” introduction he gave us, we’ll put the emphasis on OLD! 

The range and quality of the floor singers/players was amazing. The audience were in fine voice too with 3 & 4 part harmonies filling the room. There was a really warm, welcoming and friendly atmosphere and it was good to meet up with Jim Ellison, lately of Tykes News, but originally from a band called Threefold with whom we played many times back in the 70s. 

Some of the floor singers restricted their performances to only one song so we could finish the night with a 25 minute set. Malcolm played a lively set of tunes and, as the audience were singing so well, all our songs had choruses. Slightly unusual for a floor spot, bu the audience asked for an encore and we duly obliged with Oyster Girl. 

We were delighted to be given a booking at the end of this most enjoyable night so we’ll be back in Skipton at the The Narrow Boat Pub on 8th January 2018. Three floor spots & three bookings. Looks like we’re doing something right. 

We’re now getting ready for our Bailiff Bridge concert with Alice Jones on 9th June. Details are on the home page. Please let Dave know if you are coming to that – his email address is

Otley Folk Club – 19th April

(Full booking confirmed for October 25th 2017)

Otley Folk Club 19th April 2017.  This is becoming a habit – we had a great time again doing a floor spot at Otley. Started with New Hunting Song, then Malcolm’s tune set and finished with Black Diamonds/Close the Coalhouse Door. John even found Elvis in the building (they asked us to finish the night off as well so we sang Oyster Girl).

The welcome we got was SO warm and friendly and the range and quality of singers was amazing. Quite by accident, we encountered our old friend Woody from the early days. He was just as amazed as we were to meet up again. We’ll be doing a full gig at the club in the Autumn and might even play at their festival in September if our diary allows. As before, we’ll post dates on the site when we have them. Onwards and upwards!

Morley Folk Club – 7th March

We had a great time at Morley Folk club on 7th March where we did a floor spot of 3 songs and a set of tunes. Takes us back to the early Seventies when we were just starting out! We sang “New Hunting Song” (a bit of a theme song for us as we don’t know any other artists singing it), Malcolm played a set of tunes (the names of which continue to baffle me) and the doubled up “Black Diamonds / Close the Coalhouse Door”. Always a stunner!

Julie Jones, their featured 3+3 artist that evening, has a lovely voice and sang some songs I hadn’t heard for a long time – very enjoyable.

They have an in-house PA but with our voices and all our instruments we’d have needed 10+ inputs, so to make life easier we decided to hide behind 3 mics and act as if we were acoustic. It can’t have been too bad as we have been asked to go back. As soon as we have the date we’ll post it on the site.*

*Update – booked at Morley FC now on July 18th**

Cock O’ The North – 7th February 2017

We had a great time at the Cock O’ The North open mic session on 7th February. A lot of friends came to support us – much appreciated. There was a very loud PA which we used as “sound reinforcement” letting the mikes pick up all our sound rather than plug instruments in. This meant we were the quietest act  and also the only people playing folk. We were pleased with how it went and by the 4th song the audience were really listening. Strangely enough – for basically what was a non folky audience – you could hear a pin drop during Close the Coalhouse Door. All in all a success. Our next outing is at Morley Folk Club on 7th March when we’ll do a floor spot at their open mic night.

Dusty Miller Folk Club – 8th January 2017

So, we’ve done our first fully acoustic gig since reforming. With no mikes or lights between us and the audience we were able to really connect with everybody there. It felt very comfortable. There was a lovely atmosphere in a friendly pub with a full range of delicious hand pulled beers. Lots of friends turned up – some from quite a distance, and there was the feel of a real folk night. There were very few mishaps and a lot of good natured banter between band members. Amazingly, we all finished the night with voices intact despite singing and playing acoustically.

The surprise of the night was that Malcolm spoke to the crowd a few times and even took centre stage in a couple of the tunes. We’ll have to watch him – he’s even talking about playing mandolin on some songs. John’s finding more and more whistles and wanting to play guitar, Jimi’s looking less perplexed & Dave’s threatening to start using his acoustic bass too. Be afraid, be very afraid. 

It was good to know we can still fill a room without wrecking our voices. Every one of us naturally moderated instrument and vocal levels so that the sound was balanced. That’s very pleasing after all those years. 

We’ve decided to go out and do “floor spots” at local venues and folk clubs. We’ll be trying out new songs, playing to people who’ve never heard us and of course, looking for gigs.  Not all of our floor spots will be put on the website in advance but a report of each venture will be put in the gig report section within a week of us playing. 

As always, if any of you want to book us or know someone or somewhere that might, please get in touch with Dave on 07533 338675. You might be surprised at what we can offer in our restart phase!

Bailiff Bridge Community Centre – 2nd December 2016

The Bailiff Bridge reunion gig on 2nd December went really well. Great fun was had by all and the singing was exemplary – at least by the audience!

There were 9 oldies but goldies, and 16 new songs that filled the night out. Our technical problems were overcome by the sound of laughter from the audience or it may have been pity – not sure which.

Over 90 people attended and many of the limited edition CDs were sold. If you want one contact Dave pretty soon. The next time Hebric can be seen is on Sunday 8th Jan 2017 at the Dusty Miller Folk club HD3 4XH. It’s free entry with an early start – 7:30, so get there early, enjoy the atmosphere and the superb range of beers. We’re acoustic this time so a bulk load of Strepsils have been ordered for our Monday sore throats. Hope to see you there!